Sunday, September 10, 2006

Insomnia Strikes

I NEVER get insomnia. I can always sleep at night and do so for at least eight hours each time. So why the hell am I awake? I fell asleep at a decent hour but woke up after a crazy dream about a homeless man trying to make out with me (you know how dreams go). That was about two and a half hours ago.

I don't know if I have nerves about the new job, if I'm just antsy to get home in a week and see LC and my family or if I'm just terribly unlucky.

Seriously, folks, it feels like 2p on a Saturday to me right now but it's, oh, 4:56a!! Pray for me...I'm a sleepaholic and this cannot continue.

Okay, off to eat an apple with peanut butter.

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