Monday, August 21, 2006

I found heaven... a bitchy Japanese lady at Tab Tos on 5th between Ave A & B.

This restaurant is a complete hole in the wall. And I love it. B took me there for dinner and warns me that the food is amazing but the owner is a total bitch. So of course, I'm down (I love women with attitudes!).

We're strolling down the street catching up when B stops at a rickety old door that opens to a 8 square foot room with four tables in it and says "we're here." I happen to love tiny places on the LES but even I was thinking I thought we were going to dinner, not your friend on welfare's crib.

So we arrive and I let B do the talking because I'm not even sure how this whole size-of-a-double-bed restaurant thing works. He steps just inside the door, signals to the waitress that we're a party of two and swiftly steps back outside. That's when I realize that alas, there are only four tables IN THE WHOLE PLACE (as in no back room) and that the waitress is the evil sushi Nazi. She doesn't allow people to stand in her restaurant. It's either sit and eat or stand outside and wait. She owns the place with her sushi chef husband and I guess therefore feels that ordering her customers around is acceptable.

In her defense, she has every right to be rude because she knows good and well that the food will keep people coming back. We had the best meal and were shocked when the bill showed up and was only $30!! Please be patient while I recount all of the food she brought to our table. Ahem:
  • Two salads that were the size of dinner portions. She drizzled the tastiest dressing over the greens and topped it off with five generous portions of seared tuna. TO DIE FOR. I'm telling you. At any other NYC restaurant this salad alone would be $30.
  • A bowl of Miso soup.
  • An order of salmon ceviche. SO GOOD.
  • A HUGE spicy shrimp roll.
  • A HUGE some other roll that B got. DELICIOUS
  • A regular spicy tuna roll.
  • A regular some other kind of tuna roll that B got.
  • Two little candies to top it all off.

I rolled out of that restaurant. It's been a couple of hours and I'm still stuffed. For the prices, I had no idea this place would serve up so much food.

All of my out of towners, you will be visiting this place when you come in town so learn to love sushi!

Bottom line, if you're looking for atmosphere, or even for a waitress that doesn't look at you like you're wasting her time when you ask for water, this is not the place for you. Although I must say...after the stories B told me about how bad he'd seen her act towards other customers in the past, I really feel like she was partial to the 'fro. We connected. In fact, I love her.

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At 11:40 AM, August 22, 2006, Blogger kittenpower said...

sounds like the soup nazi from that Seinfeld episode.
"No Soup for You!"

At 1:07 PM, August 24, 2006, Blogger inciquay said...

Everyone loves a good 'fro. It just conveys those warm fuzzy feelings like no other 'do ;-)


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