Friday, November 24, 2006

Gobble Gobble

I've been so terrible about posting because life has been so busy! But I guess the point of a blog is to share the craziness, so I'ma do what I can to keep Soul Spin current.

Some new news...I moved to Brooklyn!! Yep, left Manhattan behind (well not really, I'll still spend half of my life there with work) and have moved on to the much cuter, much hipper, much more exciting Clinton Hill neighborhood. Finding the apartment was quite the journey, but I've got a little slice of heaven all to myself now! And I have to say...for only having been there a week, living alone was DEFINITELY the right decision. Something about having a place that's mine all mine is sweet and rewarding. Since I moved on from a roommate situation, I've got a lot of furniture to buy, decorating to do, etc. Lucky for you, you'll get to read all about it right here.

I'm down in Atlanta for a couple of days celebrating Thanksgiving with my fam and LC. It was 70 degrees today. SEVENTY. And it's damn near December. It's days like this that I question my move...when I left NYC my mind was filled with thoughts of what kinds of winter hats I want to buy because I can already feel my ears starting to freeze on my walk to the subway in the morning. And then I come down here and curse myself for bringing mostly sweaters since it's hot enough to be in a swimsuit (well, almost). I can't see myself leaving Brooklyn any time soon, but I'm sure Atlanta will be my home again at some point before I die.

Anyway, enough rambling...happy holidays to all...hope everyone's stuffed off of a third round of leftovers. I know I am. :-)

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At 6:12 PM, November 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I was driving through the 'hood today and people were out decorating their yards in shorts and t-shirts. No joke. Oh Atlanta...

That's very exciting that you moved! My friend, the one that I went to visit last year, was in the Brooklyn area also. It was very hip there.

I love living alone! You are so lucky:-)


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