Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's natural?

My blog friend over at Afrobella posted about what constitutes "natural hair" and it got me to thinking about living naturally.

I started making a mental note of all the things in my life are so NOT natural, like:

Brushing my teeth. Now of course I realize the importance of brushing my teeth...I don't want to be toothless by 45. And I'd like for what does remain in my head to be shiny and bright. But how natural is it to brush? When you think about it, it's kind of random. Back in the day they just woke up, ate breakfast and kept it moving.

Wearing make-up. I don't wear it much at all...mostly when I go out on the town or it's a special occasion. Like a hot date with a mystery man (just kidding, LC!). But it's so completely unnatural to cake your face with powdery substances. Do you think we're trained to know that a face perfected with make-up is more attractive than one without? Or do we just know a made up face is cuter than a natural one?

Drinking through a straw. Why don't we use glasses? What added value does a straw have? For me it was always about not having to put my lips on public cups...but still. Not really that natural.

Cutting my fingernails. God did not invent scissors, nail clippers or emory boards. So why do we trim down our tresses, push back our cuticles and keep our legs smooth and hairless? Makes no sense. But then again, thank God we do.

So in the end, how can we criticize women like Leela James for rocking fake naturals? Seems like little we do is natural, so why get upset about some dead follicles?

Sofa Shopping

So my next big purchase for the new crib is a sofa. It took me a while to figure out what I want, but I'm pretty sure that I want a big, deep, comfy sofa that's nice looking, but still slouchy and casual. And I want to have a big chair with an ottoman.

So I did some couch sitting over the Thanksgiving holiday to see if anything looked really good to me. I saw a set at Thomasville Furniture that was calling my name. But once I get my custom fabric on it and get it shipped to NYC, I will be paying a pretty penny (like almost six grand for the whole kit and kaboodle).

I've decided that since I'm a big girl now with her own place that I need nice furniture. But six stacks worth may be too nice. So here are some sofas I've seen online that are calling my butt cheeks to come sit on them:

Restoration Hardware:

Problem with this one is that I think the back is too high to fit through my apartment door. And I'm not sure that it's quite slouchy enough.

Pottery Barn:

Mmmmmm....comfy. :-)


Not to worry, I have taste. Their fabrics are custom.

I sat on this last one in the store and it is heavenly. But it's the expensive one, so we'll see.

Anyone have any couch advice? I was reading Martha Stewart's new Homekeeping Handbook (it's like a Bible) and she was telling me all kinds of things I need to look for. Like how the springs are mounted and if the parts are glued together or screwed in. Helpful stuff! Send any suggestions or ideas my way!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Gobble Gobble

I've been so terrible about posting because life has been so busy! But I guess the point of a blog is to share the craziness, so I'ma do what I can to keep Soul Spin current.

Some new news...I moved to Brooklyn!! Yep, left Manhattan behind (well not really, I'll still spend half of my life there with work) and have moved on to the much cuter, much hipper, much more exciting Clinton Hill neighborhood. Finding the apartment was quite the journey, but I've got a little slice of heaven all to myself now! And I have to say...for only having been there a week, living alone was DEFINITELY the right decision. Something about having a place that's mine all mine is sweet and rewarding. Since I moved on from a roommate situation, I've got a lot of furniture to buy, decorating to do, etc. Lucky for you, you'll get to read all about it right here.

I'm down in Atlanta for a couple of days celebrating Thanksgiving with my fam and LC. It was 70 degrees today. SEVENTY. And it's damn near December. It's days like this that I question my move...when I left NYC my mind was filled with thoughts of what kinds of winter hats I want to buy because I can already feel my ears starting to freeze on my walk to the subway in the morning. And then I come down here and curse myself for bringing mostly sweaters since it's hot enough to be in a swimsuit (well, almost). I can't see myself leaving Brooklyn any time soon, but I'm sure Atlanta will be my home again at some point before I die.

Anyway, enough rambling...happy holidays to all...hope everyone's stuffed off of a third round of leftovers. I know I am. :-)