Sunday, August 06, 2006

White boy puzzled

So funny...the girls that I hang with here in New York are smart, super fine black girls like myself. So last night we had dinner plans at a quaint sake bar in the East Village called Satsko and I was the only one that showed up on time at 8:30. So while I waited for them to arrive I got to know two young lads at the bar. Really friendly white boys, they were. Although it would be hard not to be friendly in a restaurant so small and cozy and neighborhood hangout-like.

So when my girls finally arrive I introduce them to the boys. When we get to our table (sans boys) one of the girls had me cracking up. She said that the guys looked at them so puzzled when everyone (three total) introduced themselves with regular 'ol American names. No Bonquishas. No names with African clicking noises incorporated. Just your standard Mary and Jane type names. I, too, happen to have an American name so I'm sure they were just all thrown off.

It was a small, jovial moment in our long night out, but it was the highlight of my night by far.

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